This is a scary time, and it’s going to be harder for some people than others.

Some of our neighbours will need help. They might be immunocompromised or have mobility limitations. They may need prescriptions or groceries.

Some of us are lucky. And that’s because we’re able to help.


Hi! We’re Gabrielle and James. Like you, we feel the enormity of the effects of COVID19 on the world. We know many people want to support folks in our community who need it. We hope this makes it easier: sign up above, to help.

Meet ya

Many vulnerable members of our community aren’t online. We’ll be hoofin it around the hood to drop notes in mailboxes in hope of reaching people who need support or even just a friendly phone call. If you could use some help, sign up above.

Fine print

We’re going to match helpers with people who need it. We’re going to manage this data manually. We’re going to do the best we can. Kindness is never wasted. Reach us: [email protected] and [email protected]